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Delivering superior bone graft solutions

At OneGraft® Biomaterial, we’ve become one of the leading bio-material companies in the world through our dedication to developing innovative, safe, high-quality and effective products. We continue to achieve our mission by conducting rigorous testing, research, and clinical studies, as well as by listening to clinician input and using a four-step quality control process. Our comprehensive range of high-quality, clinically proven solutions includes : Allograft, Xenograft and Membranes for GTR, GBR and soft tissue reconstruction 

OneGraft® is dedicated to the collection, processing and supply of allogeneic and xenogenic tissue intended for the medical treatment of patients.

OneGraft®is one of the few Manufacturers that supports and controls the whole process, from the collection, processing to allogeneic and xenogenic grafts up to the distribution of tissue by our partners. Thus, the OneGraft® sets quality standards securing compliance with clearly defined product qualities.

OneGraft® believes and shares the following fundamental values:

• Professionalism
• Innovation
• Courage
• Trustfulness
• Reliability
• Integrity

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QM System



At OneGraft® we produce innovative regenerative biomaterials derived from collagen, allografts, xenografts and synthetic materials for a wide range of dental surgical applications.
After preliminary cleaning and shaping, transplants are rinsed with purified water and treated with volatile reagents. Viruses, bacteria and fungi are decreased by at least 6 log levels. Besides the careful selection of the donor tissue at the donor site (medical history) and serological examination, With highest safety and quality of the transplants.

Tissue Cleaning & Sterilization

After initial rough cleaning, the tissue is brought to its final shape (blocks, rings, granules, etc.). Residual blood, cell, and tissue components are then washed out in the ultrasonic bath and fat tissue removed from the cancellous structure of the bone.

During subsequent purification, residual cells are washed out, non-collagen proteins denatured, and the antigenic and/or immunogenic potential reduced. Above all, potential viruses are inactivated and residual bacteria eliminated. During the final oxidative treatment persistent, soluble proteins are denatured, specific non-enveloped viruses and bacterial endospores inactivated thus minimising potential antigenicity. During this step, insoluble collagen remains unchanged.

In addition to the purification with volatile reagents, the tissue is lyophilised. In this tissue-conserving drying process, frozen fluid inside the tissue sublimes to the gaseous phase. During lyophilisation, the structural properties and characteristics of the tissue are preserved which accelerates the incorporation of the transplant. The process also yields a residual water content of ≤10%.
That is why we can guarantee to offer outstanding biological reliability and performance for a successful and predictable treatment outcome.




Every day we are inspired to Do More With Life by demonstrating care, consideration and compassion to honor the tissue donor and help restore patient health.

Thank you to our tissue donors and their families.

We understand what we do begins with a donor. Each donor has a unique story and a family who has suffered a loss. Every day, we are privileged to help continue our donors’ legacy of generosity and are proud to play a role in maximizing the gift of donation, by helping doctors heal patients.

Thank you to our tissue recipients.

For the thousands of people suffering from critical or debilitating conditions, donated allograft tissue can help recipients Do More With Life. Making a difference in the lives of patients globally motivates us as we research new ways to restore health through science, innovation and transplantation

Are you a tissue transplant recipient?

We would love to hear your story. Please share your individual story to help spread awareness for tissue donation and its possibilities by emailing Megan Duggan at the below contact form.



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To consistently provide safe and high quality products, OneGraft® Gmbh strictly Audit the entire production chain including the selection and control of the material, research and development, as well as production and storage.  In this way, we can assure all steps are conducted in accordance with our quality management system. OneGraft Gmbh is certified according to ISO9001 and ISO13485 international standards.  We consistently meet or exceed industry safety and quality standards and follow a continuous training program for our employees.  These substantial efforts lead to a single goal – to provide the highest standard of product quality and safety in order to improve the patients’ quality of life. 



Thank you for your interest in our services and our company. We encourage you to contact us for further information and will deal with your request as quickly as possible.

With OneGraft products being distributed to more than a 50 countries worldwide we proudly welcome you to apply our products in your own clinical practice, and to share any clinical suggestions drawn from personal experiences.


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