One Allo Derma
One Allo Derma

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One Allo Derma
One Allo Derma

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OneAllo  Derma®

Natural  Human Skin Tissue  

OneAllo Derma® is dermal allograft that has been freeze-dried after the cells that cause immune response have been removed from epiderms and the dermis and it retains the  3-D structure of the dermis. Therefore, it can treat and restore gum defects safely and effectively without the immune response by providing the base of revascularization, nerve growth and the influx of fibroblasts.

 It becomes a part of the patient's natural skin without being absorbed.


OneHeart    Membrane®    Applications:

  1. Treatment of gingival recessions

  2. Soft tissue grafting in combination with GBR/GTR

  3. Broadening of attached gingiva (instead of FGG)

  4. Closure of extraction sockets 

  5. Thickening of periimplant soft tissue

OneHeart    Membrane®   characteristics   :

OneHeart    Membrane® product Range:

  1. Acts as membrane and can be conveniently used in gingiva reconstruction.

  2. SureDerm itself becomes a part of the patient’s natural tissue.

  3. Antigens are removed so there is not cell-mediated immune response.

  4. No antigen, no skin test required.

  5. Can be used by bending or rolling in desired thickness.

  6. Its elasticity is roughly 15% and can be used in any part of the body.

  7. 3-D structure is retained causing less contraction but more biocompatible and elastic.

  8. Reconstruction is done in only one surgery.

  9. No blisters or cysts after implant.

  10. After full engraftment, patient does not feel any discomfort.

OneHeartMembrane®  is available in three convenient sizes small, medium and large, which adapt easily to defect sites.
Small size : 15x20 mm
Medium size : 20x30 mm
Large size : 30x40 mm