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One AlloFlex
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One AlloFlex
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OneAllo   flex®


OneAllo Flex® is Flexible Bone Sheet is flexible type of DBM which has higher content of allograft bone (over 60%) and is mixed with gelatin. Therefore it has excellent ability for bone regeneration. Additionally, it can be used without rehydration and can be shaped or cut any bone defect area.

It is specially convenient for ridge augmentation with existing DBM containing cortical bone, osteoconductive effect is augmented as space maintenance and osteoinductive effect are improved.

OneAllo   Flex®    characteristics   :

  1. Osteoinductive and Osteoinductive ability.

  2. Excellent biocompatibility.

  3. Strict securing system of safety.

  4. Long shelf Life ( 5 years )

  5. Replacing Autograft.

  6. Natural human gelatin.

  7. No re-hydration needed

  8. Operability

  9. Sheets are easily handled (DBM+Cortical Flex)


OneAllo   Flex®  Applications:

  1. Ridge Augmentation .

  2. Grafting for implant placement.

  3. Dehiscence or Fenestration treatment.

  4. Bridge bone gabs or fragments.

  5. Fracture repair.

  6. Reconstruction of maxillofacial defect

  7. Span small spaces between bone fragments

  8. Bone fixation and filling in various sizes and forms of bone defect

OneAllo   Graft®   product Range:

OneAllo Graft®  is available in three convenient sizes small, medium and large, which adapt easily to defect sites.

Small size : 15 x 25 mm 
Medium size : 20 x 25 mm
Large size : 30 x 25 mm