One Allo Gel
One Allo Gel

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One Allo Putty
One Allo Putty

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One Allo Putty
One Allo Putty

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One Allo Gel
One Allo Gel

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OneAllo   Putty ®/Gel®

A natural and predictable way to regenerate bone 

OneAllo Putty® /Gel® are DBM(Demineralized Bone Matrix) to which Cancellous Bone Chip is added. It helps to form normal healthy bone by stimulation of Mesenchymal Cell proliferation. Moreover, osteoblasts are formed by differentiation of Mesenchymal Cell proliferation. It is easy to implant, because it is made into a Putty and Gel. Using allograft bone, patients do not need to have secondary operation. Therefore, it helps reduce pain and give quick healing.


DBM contains growth factor, other minerals and proteins that helps bone regeneration by its osteoconductive and osteoinductive actions. 


OneAllo   Putty® /gel®  Applications:

OneAllo   Putty® /gel®  characteristics   :

  1. Ridge Augmentation or Reconstruction.

  2. Sinus Grafting.

  3. Socket Preservation.

  4. Periodontal Defects Grafting.

  5. Grafting for implant placement

  6. Dehiscence or Fenestration treatment 

  1. Osteoinductive and Osteoinductive ability.

  2. Excellent biocompatibility.

  3. Strict securing system of safety.

  4. Long shelf Life ( 5 years )

  5. Replacing Autograft.

  6. Natural human gelatin.

  7. No re-hydration needed

  8. Operability

  9. Containing Cancellous Bone

  10. Change into any sizes and forms freely

  11. Easy use with high viscosity 


OneAllo   Putty® /gel®  product Range:

OneAllo Graft®  is available in three convenient sizes small, medium and large, which adapt easily to defect sites.

Small size : 0.5 CC
Medium size : 1.0 CC
Large size : 2.0 CC