One Allo Ring
One Allo Ring

One Allo Ring
One Allo Ring

One Allo Ring
One Allo Ring


OneAllo   Ring®

A natural and predictable way to regenerate bone 

OneAllo Ring® is innovative Allograft Cancellous ring block bone that allows simultaneous bone grafting with implant placment in one visit reducing both the treatment and surgical time with higher patient acceptance rate

OneAllo   Ring®    Applications:

  1. Vertical Ridge Augmentation .

  2. Horizontal Ridge Augmentation .

  3. Restore Function and esthetics

  4. Alternative to traditional ring block grafting.

OneAllo   Ring®         characteristics   :

  1. Osteoinductive and Osteoinductive ability.

  2. Easily used for bone defects as ring form.

  3. Excellent bio-compatibility.

  4. Strict securing system of safety.

  5. Long shelf Life ( 5 years )

  6. Replacing Autograft.

  7. No rehydration. 


OneAllo   Ring® product Range:

OneAllo Ring®  is available in two convenient sizes small and large, which adapt easily to defect sites.
Small size :  ø  6 mm 
Large size :  ø  7 mm