OneCollagen   Membrane®

Natural  collagen  membrane 

OneCollagen Membrane® is made of collagen from equine Achille’s tendon, is particularly easy to handle. Its structure is made of dense collagen fibers of high consistency and of extraordinary resistance that offer the specialist surgeon maximum adaptability to bone tissue and soft tissues.

OneCollagen Membrane® offers a barrier function, making our membrane of choice for the regeneration of smaller and middle-size defects and periodontal defects.


OneCollagen     Membrane®    Applications:

OneCollagen     Membrane®         characteristics   :

OneCollagen     Membrane® product Range:

  1. GBR and GTR .

  2. Sinus left.

  3. Socket preservation.

  4. Horizontal augmentation.

  5. Fenestration and dehiscence coverage.

  1. Natural dense collagen 

  2. easy and secure suturability to nearby tissues.

  3. best membrane-bone and membrane-periosteum interface.

  4. stability and prolonged protection of the underlying graft.

  5. Easy application dry or wet.

  6. Natural collagen supports blot clot formation and wound healing

OneCollagen Membrane®  is available in three convenient sizes small, medium and large, which adapt easily to defect sites.
Small size : 15x20 mm
Medium size : 20x30 mm
Large size : 30x40 mm