One Pericardium Membrane
One Pericardium Membrane

One Pericardium Membrane
One Pericardium Membrane

One Pericardium Membrane
One Pericardium Membrane


OneHeart   Membrane®

Natural  Pericardium membrane 

OneHeart Membrane® is a structured membrane, where many molecular links among its constituents (collagen and elastin) are preserved.  the dried Special membranes are completely resorbable. Once hydrated, they become translucent and flexible, guiding the growth of epithelium and preventing its invagination: their action favors therefore an optimal regeneration of the underlying bone tissue.


Its protection time is quite long: 3-4 months.

After this time degradation begins, and the membrane is no longer occlusive.


Compared to a standard collagen membrane, its protection time is far longer.

However, it can be handled just as easily as a collagen one.


Fixation is not necessary

but recommended if stability is uncertain.

OneHeart    Membrane®    Applications:

OneHeart    Membrane®   characteristics   :

  1. GBR and GTR .

  2. Sinus left.

  3. Socket preservation.

  4. Horizontal augmentation.

  5. Fenestration and dehiscence coverage.

  1. Natural pericadium barrier 

  2. Multi-directional strength and tear resistance

  3. Easy and secure suturability to nearby tissues.

  4. Best membrane-bone and membrane-periosteum interface.

  5. Stability and prolonged protection of the underlying graft.

  6. Easy application dry or wet.

  7. Low thickness, no swelling after rehydration

OneHeart    Membrane® product Range:

OneHeartMembrane®  is available in four convenient sizes small, medium and large, which adapt easily to defect sites.
Small size : 15x20 mm
Medium size : 20x30 mm
Large sizes : 30x40 or 40x40 mm