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One Xeno Block

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One Xeno Block
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One Xeno Block
One Xeno Block

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OneXeno   Block®

A natural and predictable way to regenerate bone 

OneXeno Block® is a cancellous or corticocancellous block of xenogenic bone produced with an exclusive OneGraft® process which avoids ceramization of the hydroxyapatite crystals, thus accelerating physiological resorption. OneXeno Block®  supports new bone formation, thanks to its rigid consistency it is able to maintain the original graft volume, which is particularly important in case of large regenerations. Moreover, its collagen content facilitates blood clotting and the subsequent invasion of regenerative and repairing cells, favoring the restitutio ad integrum of missing bone.

Remodeling time is an average of 6-8 months, depending on the anatomical conditions of the site being grafted and on the type of surgery performed. Before being placed they must be shaped with rotating instruments in order to guarantee the best possible contact with the patient’s bone.


Proper fixation is mandatory.

The use of a long-lasting membrane (pericardium or cortical membrane) is mandatory. Proper flap management is necessary.

OneXeno   Block®    Applications:

  1. Vertical Ridge Augmentation .

  2. Horizontal Ridge Augmentation .

  3. Restore Function and esthetics.

  4. Ridge preservation.

  5. Alternative to traditional block grafting.

OneXeno   Block®       characteristics   :

  1. Osteoinductive and Osteoinductive ability.

  2. Easily used for bone defects as block form.

  3. Block space securing and supportive.

  4. Excellent bio-compatibility.

  5. Strict securing system of safety.

  6. Long shelf Life ( 5 years )

  7. Replacing Autograft.


OneXeno   Block® product Range:

OneXeno Block®  is available in two convenient sizes small and large, which adapt easily to defect sites.

Small size : 10 x 10 x 10 mm
Large size : 10 x 10 x 20 mm